"I want my FREEDOM!" "Who said I wanted to be a GUARDIAN?!" "Haven't any of you ever had a DREAM?!" "I looked at him and I saw MYSELF!"



do you ever have a notp that you antiship so hard that you actually get nauseous when people mention it


or characters.


Hiccunzel AU // Forbidden Love 2.0 •

"Hi-hiccup? I-is that you? Where have you been?! I have waited for like years!"
“Yes, its me! And oh yeah, about that.. I’m sorry I was.. Just handling some things. But now I’m back, I can show you what the world is really like.”

Hiccup was finally reunited with Rapunzel, ready to take her to see the world, and show her how fun it is outside the tower’s walls. Although, Rapunzel started to feel anxious at the thought of leaving her tower, and especially what her mother would say and feel if she finds out Rapunzel left her tower.

“I-I don’t know if I should leave just like that Hiccup, I can’t just betray my mother..”
“It’s your choice, I won’t force you to come with me unless its necessary, Rapunzel.”
“But I don’t want to lose you, again.”
“I won’t leave you, trust me.”
I promise.


ROTBTD Hogwarts AU! + patronuses

Merida- Gryffindor (come on. ‘BRAVE’)
Rapunzel- Hufflepuff (Hardworking, you saw her song in the beginning)
Hiccup- Ravenclaw (The guy thinks out of the box so much)
Jack- Slytherin (Ambitious- he wants to be believed in, plus just wanted all 4 houses in this post)


Now for the part you all love to debate about, their patronuses. 

Merida has a bear for many reasons that are obvious. I also like to think it used to be something with incredibly sharp eyes- hawk etc. But after the incident of her family kinda turning into bears, and her relationship changing with her mother, I feel it would switch to bear form. 

Rapunzel has a bunny rabbit/wild rabbit/hare because rabbits can be seen as symbols of spring and new life. I quote Tangled directly: ‘when will my life begin?’ Plus rabbits are cute, curious and I feel their energy suited Rapunzel.

Hiccup has a dragon for obvious reasons. ‘Soul of a dragon’. Plus tbh I don’t think it could be anything else. 

Jack has a stag because stags are majestic and incredibly graceful creatures. They’re also depicted quite often as protectors and as lone guardians. So I felt the stag reflected a more mature side of Jack, and the antlers kinda reflect his shepherds crook too.

Those are my thoughts anyway and they might be way off from your own, but that’s what artist interpretation and own opinions are for. 


RotBTD x TT , a double fandom OTP crossover

because I failed and accidentally deleted this post on my phone, but this gave me a chance to upload separate ships as well.