"I want my FREEDOM!" "Who said I wanted to be a GUARDIAN?!" "Haven't any of you ever had a DREAM?!" "I looked at him and I saw MYSELF!"


voice acting vs. final version of the movie

mandy moore voicing rapunzel

chris pine voicing jack frost

jay baruchel voicing hiccup

kelly macdonald voicing merida

(Source: merida-straighthair)

wait, what?




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Flower glem and glow

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine

…….What once was mine.

A tear fell from Rapunzel’s eyes and slid down to Jack’s cheek. Just than a golden glow filled the room and Jack started to wake up. Jack looked at her with a smile.

Rapunzel : Jack.

Jack : I told you….I am never going to leave you behind.

Rapunzel stated to hug Jack and than stated to kiss him.